George Takei Made Me Cry

December 13, 2016
Allegiance Ticket Stub

Allegiance Ticket Stub

I went to see George Takei who stars in the Broadway production of  Allegiance. It was a special one-night showing of the musical which draws inspiration of Takei’s childhood in prison camps that held Japanese Americans during World War II.
Thank you, George Takei & a great cast including Tony winner Lea Salonga and Telly Leung. I cried thinking of my grandparents & family. I could feel the pain and suffering. My Japanese American family was part of the 442nd, the most decorated US army unit, who fought for the USA while their families were incarcerated. My Japanese Canadian family was put in animal barns and then sent to ghost towns in the interior of BC. Japanese Canadians had all property, businesses, homes, vehicles, fishing boats and personal possessions taken by the government. The government sold everything for pittance claiming it was to “pay” for the incarceration of Japanese Canadians. Japanese Canadians were not allowed to return to coast until 1949, four years after the war ended.

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