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It is for all these reasons and more that I support Lorene

With over 20 years of experience and contributions in a labour setting, Lorene brings her skills in leadership, financial management, education, and communication to offer in running for Treasurer.
Lorene’s significant experience and advocacy in the labour movement created the exceptionally…

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Some of my work in writing

I speak out on a range of issues and sometimes my words are captured in print. Here is some of my work in articles I’ve written or from interviews.

Article on CLiFF – Canadian Labour International Film Festival
(The Global Educator, Winter…

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30,132 tweets…

30,132 tweets
Yes, time flies. No that’s not the count just for 2012, but it almost feels like it. We’re nearing the end of February and it’s been a blur of winter school, marches & rallies, meetings, speaking at events and…

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Adrian Dix elected as BC NDP Leader

Adrian Dix was elected as the BC NDP Leader at the BC NDP Leadership Assembly  which took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Sunday, April 17.
Cheers errupted when the third ballot results were announced.
Dix addressed the crowd and committed…

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Leadership and Ethics not Liberal Scandal and Corruption

I was and still am outraged that Liberal John Les is refusing to step down while under police investigation.
His duties were passed to John Van Dongen who has now admitted that his driver’s license has been taken away because of…

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