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Let’s play ball. Asahi return to Powell Street Grounds.

The sun came out for the annual Asahi baseball game. Japanese Canadians, Downtown Eastside residents, and other community members gathered for this annual tribute to the Vancouver Asahi who played in Oppenheimer Park, formerly the Powell Street Grounds, from 1914…

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Free speech soapbox at Oppenheimer Park

What does labour have to do with communities?

When I became BCGEU Vice President, I was determined we should do more community outreach. I have done this and I continue to build the relationships with our BCGEU members as well as members of the community, and to help…

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My grandfather was a pitcher for the Asahi

The crack of the bat hitting the ball and cheers from the people in the stands at Oppenheimer Park. You can almost imagine what it would have been like in Japantown on September 18, 1941 cheering on the Asahi baseball…

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Spring 2011 Events

Despite the recent snowfall in the Lower Mainland, it really is spring. The official first day of spring was March 20. I remember it well, because it was the day before the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March…

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Grand March for Housing and Labour History Walk

We marched through the streets of Vancouver this past weekend. On April 4th, there was a Grand March for Housing. Stands for Housing (turquoise banner and scarves) have been taking place regularly. See an earlier blog entry for more details…

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